How I aggregated a million data points and built a travel website

My journey from idea to #1 on Reddit

60 days later, Visabug was born and soft-launched on Reddit where it went to #1 on the sideproject and reactjs subreddits.

Getting Country Information

Visabug’s directory shows 238 JSON files for countries.
Visabug’s directory shows 238 JSON files for countries.

Getting Visa and Travel Information

Google Search Cards when searching for visa information
const visaSearchSet = [ 
"usa visa requirement for canada citizens",
"brazil visa requirement for algeria citizens"
"united-kingdom": { 
"nepal": {
visaCategory: "required",
validity: "three to six months from date of issue",
embassy: "12A, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, 48 4KU"
Visabug’s Country Cards show visa requirements at a glance.

Getting City Data

Creating Filters

Visabug’s Filter Box
Information on popular cities on Visabug

Getting Images

Unsplash API Requests made in a 30-day period

Storing the data

What happened next?

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