Engineering Manager @ Square. I enjoy reading and writing about finance, design, and software architecture.

If you’re an engineer or you manage engineers, here are some questions which you may have thought about:

  • How can I write better code? How can I help my team write better code?
  • Why does it feel like any project that’s a few years old should be rewritten from scratch?

August 2019 marked my second full year of being an engineering manager. Transitioning from a software engineer to a manager was challenging for me.

The two jobs require very different skillsets which aren’t immediately evident. Engineering is more black and white than management. In engineering, you can often arrive at…

The JavaScript ecosystem moves fast. Whenever you feel like you know something well, something new appears and seems to replace it. Many developers move from framework to framework to keep up with the latest way of doing things.

Obviously, we can’t do this when we are trying to build a…


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